Check Free Groups Online.

Swap sites can be an amazing resource no matter what you need. Search for local buy nothing groups on Craig’s List, Facebook or other websites such as Freecycle and the free section on Let's Go to see what is available.

Set up an online group where you can chat online and swap items your family has outgrown. It’s a great way to trade hand-me-downs and other items, get clothing items your family needs and prevent old items from going to landfills.

Set Up A Virtual Swap.

Redeem Those Reward.

Reward programs can be an excellent way to earn free clothing online and in store, and these money saving coupons can be redeemed for significant savings and free items.

Become A Product Tester.

Did you know that product testing can be a fun and interesting way to receive free clothing and other items? Many companies, including major brands, work with product testers to get feedback and try out new products.

Take Advantage Of App.

Redeem your cashback in the form of gift cards which can be used to purchase clothes or anything else your family needs.

Look Locally

In addition to finding free clothes online, there are also places that offer free clothes on a local basis. Check with local clothing pantries, churches and community service organizations to find out what might be available in your area.